Monday, October 24, 2016

Recession: 7 honest ways to earn extra cash in Nigeria

The current recession in Nigeria has sprung a lot of people into action with a taut determination to rake in some extra cash. For years, successful billionaires have applied

Nollywood Filmmaker, Afam Chiazor Dies While Shooting a Movie in Abeokuta

The President of the Guild of Nollywood Cinematographers, Afam Chiazor died on Friday, October 21 after brief illness.

Five confirmed dead in plane crash

French Defence Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, on Monday said an aircraft had crashed at Malta International Airport, killing all five French people on board.

NYSC Member, Lawal Kontagora Lawal was Gruesomely Murdered in Kaduna

Lawal Auwal Kontagora

I Got Pregnant At 16, Became a Millionaire At 17 - Popular Nigerian Actress Reveals

Popular actress, Hilda Dokubo

Friday, October 21, 2016

Abiola Segun Williams: Tinsel actress opens up on dealing with Scleroderma

Abiola Segun Williams

Tinsel Actress Abiola Segun Williams opens up about battling Scleroderma in Genevieve Magazine's October 2016 issue.

Tinsel Actress Abiola Segun Williams opens up about battling Scleroderma in Genevieve Magazine's  October 2016 issue.


The actor who plays Shalewa’s mum (TITI K) in MNET's Tinsel shares her battle with the auto- immune rheumatic disease that affects the skin and some organs in the body which started sometime ago.

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Talking about managing the disease for the first time, she shares how she deals with the physical changes; "I basically stopped looking in the mirror. I told myself this was only a phase I was passing through. My face had changed completely. My skin looked absolutely scary. I was as skinny  as a rake but my focus was my health rather than how I looked. I was in too much pain now to care about my looks".


She speaks about how scary the experience started out for her “At the early stage,  I didn’t know what the problem was. I was my own doctor, I read everything on the Internet that seemed to relate with my symptoms. I noticed my teeth had problems, my limbs became heavy to move, my feet, hands, face were swollen. I went very dark and my skin began to harden, itch and became very scaly. I was in pain twenty-four seven"

Monday, October 17, 2016

Wellness Tips: You've been using the toilet seat wrong till now!

Using the toilet seat correctly

How one sits on the toilet seat can pose serious problems and a lot of people seem to be doing it the wrong way!

There is such a thing like sitting on the toilet seat correctly and before now a lot of people have been using it incorrectly.

How one sits on the toilet seat can pose a problem and in some cases cause inflammation of some organs in the body when the right position is not taken when the using the toilet.

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One of worst ways to use the toilet is at the '90 degree position' where the hips are bent disrupting the passage of the intestines and sealing them up! This also results in constipation, hemorrhoids and in prolonged cases colon cancer!

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The best way to use the bathroom is to squat using the 'the 35 degree position'! Taking a position common amongst rural dwellers to avoid straining the colon, squat on a stool or box (with the feet put up) while taking the dump!


Wellness Tips: 5 reasons farting is great for the body!


Farting is the way the internal organs 'exhale'! Find out reasons why you should always let out a fart whenever it calls.

Farting is a sign of a healthy gut and body (as disgusting as it sounds)!

It is an important part of the digestive system and a sign that the body is in top shape (it's the reason farting is compulsory after undergoing an operation to make sure all the gut/ organs are back in place).


Farting is the way the internal organs 'exhale' where otherwise the 'gas' meant to be let out will find its way via somewhere else (the mouth maybe?). Where there's no farting the internal organs will not be in great shape or continue to as they are supposed to.

There are reasons to have a great fart when the pressure to release the gas calls:

1. Reduces Bloating

Farting regularly helps get rid of bloating which is usually caused by certain foods (most times rich in carbohydrates and other forms of sugary foods)where otherwise it can result in heartburn, get uncomfortable amongst others.

farting immediately in most cases eliminate bloating simply like releasing a pressure valve.

2. A sign of good health or otherwise

Farting can help determine the state of one's health. It is an indication of a healthy gut- where its silent and without a foul smell- or otherwise. For instance if farts get really smelly then there's probably a case of indigestion of a digestive tract infection and in some cases an indication of an underlying health issue like Crohn's disease (people who suffer this pass extremely smelly farts everytime).

In some cases, it might just be a pointer to load up more on certain foods as against others.


3. An indicator to improve quality of diet

People who don't fart may need to step up nutrients intake. If there's a case where gas isn't released (via farting) then the microbes in the gut may not be getting the needed nutrients (which shoild be in place for a clean gut) in which case there be a need to increase intake of carbohydrate.

4. Relieves the body

Fart is naturally the system's way of releasing pressure caused by everything that goes into the body after the digestive system is done processing all it needs to function!

5. Inhaling fart is good for the body!

Studies reveal that fart contains hydrogen sulfide that reduces cell damage when inhaled in small amounts which at the ed of the day reports reveal keep strokes, heart diseases and more at bay!

Need more reasons to let it out next time (discreetly by all means)?

Friday, October 14, 2016

Wellness Tips: Trying to stop a sneeze could kill you! Here's why

Sneezing is an immune process that ensures the body is sniffle-free and suppressing it might just kill!

Reports that holding in a sneeze could kill is so true!

Sneezing is a sudden involuntary expulsion of air from the mouth and nose (simultaneously) due to irritation from the nostrils. This reaction can be caused by anything from smoke, extreme cold and irritation and it's a way to keep the body safe.

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Sneezing is important to keep the body healthy, it is an immune process that ensures the body is sniffle-free which keeps the lungs lubricated as well as ensure the body has enough balance and mucus to function.


Studies reveal that when sneezing the nose can generate up to 176mmhg if the mouth and nose are closed (in cases of attempting to suppress the process) which can cause infections. The nose is connected to the Eustachian Tube which is connected to the middle ear, where sneezes are suppressed dirts/bacteria can be pushed into these areas which ends up causing (ear) infections.

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Blood clots in the brain, loss of hearing, neck problems, glaucoma and stroke are attributed to high pressure caused by sneezing! The point of sneezing is to get rid of unwanted irritating 'factors' from the body (usually before it reaches the lungs).


Sometimes when caught at awkward moments, one might be forced to try to suppress/hold in a sneeze but doing that can cause serious lasting damage to the eardrums and even more severe things! When one senses a violent sneeze coming through by all means let it out, in the most hygienic way of course.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

OMO is Rewarding Children in the #MyNigeriaOfTomorrow Competition | Participate & Win Shopping Vouchers OMO is rewarding children with magnificent dreams for the country! The detergent with the household name, manufactured by Unilever Nigeria, has initiated the #MyNigeriaofTomorrow competition to encourage children across Nigeria to hope for a better tomorrow for the country. The brand hopes to tap into the innocence, creativity and freedom of the young minds to […]

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“My wife must return my late mother’s gold necklace before she can divorce me” – Man Tells Court “My wife must return my late mother’s gold necklace before she can divorce me,’’ a 40-year-old civil servant, Olufemi O., has told an Igando Customary Court in Lagos. He told the court on Wednesday while responding to a suit filed by his wife, Olaide, that if she insisted on divorcing him, she must return his […]

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